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Elizabeth Rayfield


Elizabeth Rayfield is recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Lifetime Member in the field of Telecommunications. Rayfield’s professional title is Regional Team Coordinator at Tom Tom, which provides mapping and GPS services. She has been in her current position for 12 of her 32 years in the industry, and utilizes her expertise in coordinating work flow and mapping within her role. “I love where I am, and I love my colleagues,” Rayfield said of her work. “I have a passion for innovation.”

Prior to joining the team at Tom Tom, Rayfield worked as a Resource Coordinator for TeleAtlas from 2005 until 2007. She started her career at Tom Tom as a Production Coordinator, moved her way up to Production Engineer and then

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Joanne M. Lindsey


Joanne M. Lindsey is recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Lifetime Professional in the field of Airline Services. With over ninety years of experience within the industry, American Airlines first started off as one of the first commercial air fliers in transporting mail.

Now, it is one of the leading air giants nationwide. Having merged with US Airways, the company now serves as a global giant and caters to the needs of their passengers. Amassing over fifty three years of

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Peggy A. Tierney


Peggy A. Tierney is recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Professional in the field of Information Technology as a result of her role as Senior IT Director with Johnson & Johnson. In the industry for nearly thirty years, Tierney is a recognized Global Business/Strategy Executive and Advisor who develops and executes large-scale technology, product and contract negotiation strategies for multi-industry, Fortune 50/100 organizations.

Tierney has delivered corporate value

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Susan Eustis


Susan Eustis is recognized by Continental Who’s Who among Pinnacle Professionals in the field of Internet Computer Software and Hardware Data Center Optimization in recognition of her work as President, CEO and Co-Founder of WinterGreen Research. Founded in 1985, WinterGreen Research serves the technology, computer, healthcare, nanotechnology, security, renewable energy, energy, telemedicine and internet industries with worldwide strategic market assessments and 696 published research

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Johanna K. Kenney


Johanna K. Kenney is recognized by Continental Who’s Who for Excellence in Content Development as a 2017 Pinnacle Professional in the field of Technical Content Development. “Everi games are designed to stop patrons in their tracks by employing exciting concepts, dynamic artwork and thrilling game play,” the company’s website states. “Everi’s Game Systems attract a broad range of players through TournEvent®, the award-winning slot machine tournament experience sweeping the

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