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Customer service is the end-all to any company's success or failure. The customer is what provides the income that a company needs to thrive and determines whether or not a company can continue to stay in business. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that a high level of customer service always be something to strive for. Without continued excellence in customer service, a company's success is over before it starts.



Get to Know Them

So many times we see a company provide what the customer is looking for and then send them on their way. In a bicycle shop, for example, a customer walks in and is obviously searching for something related to a bicycle. He or she mentions that a desire to purchase a new bicycle is what has


How to Turbocharge Your Online Reputation

These days, it’s imperative to put your best digital foot forward by maintaining a positive online image. If you haven’t
thought about it before, perhaps it’s time to take a hard (honest) look at how you’re managing your online reputation. Consider this: According to the 2011 Cone Online Influence Trend Tracker survey, 87 percent of consumers said positive online reviews reinforced their decision to purchase a recommended product or service. (This figure is up from 67 percent in

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What can he do for you?

Michel has always been fascinated by communications challenges. How can information be presented so that people take appropriate action, learn, understand and remember what to do? Michel discovered the answer to this question by learning how the brain processes information. This discovery led to the founding of POPSCOM — Performant, Organized, Presentable and Structured Communications.

Michel is a specialist in the preparation of highly-effective, written communication. He is an

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Although thought of by most to be a relatively new concept, and a term that was first used and discussed in an article by American business management writer Tom Peters in 1997, personal branding is something that has existed in one form or another since the dawn of organized societies.

Even the alpha male of an ancient tribe who was expressing his dominance to make himself more attractive to the females of the group was participating in this time tested practice to a certain degree. Selling

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How Web Video Production Can Help Your Business By Fortay Media CWW • ICE MAG

Web video production has become increasingly popular as embedding technologies and broadband internet speed gets ever better. Where your business or site warrants it, using an online web presenter can help get your message across in tutorials and product guides, for example. And where a virtual tour is required, the web video really comes into its own.

The bottom line is, the Internet is now ready and able to support genuine multimedia presences for your company and your company website. In an

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