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Benefits of Going Green

The realization of the immediate and long-term consequences that our actions have on the health of the planet has led to a growing popularity in the “going green” movement. This trend is not only beneficial to the future of our ecosystem, but it also provides a variety of benefits to business owners. 

Utilizing green methods of doing business can decrease the amount of unnecessary waste; create a healthy work environment for employees; and help to establish the part your business plays as a driving force for social change. One of the biggest benefits to businesses hopping on board the green train is that it can lead to an improved bottom line. Several countries now offer incentives for businesses to use more environmentally friendly

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Back To School Tips For Retailers

The back-to-school season can be both a blessing and a curse to retail establishments. On the bright side, the National Retail Foundation claims that it is the second largest shopping season of the year, with only the winter holiday season topping it in consumer spending. The NRF estimates that consumers will spend approximately $68 billion between back-to-school and college shopping in 2015. There is plenty of money to go around, but ensuring that your business receives this money from

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How to Turbocharge Your Online Reputation

These days, it’s imperative to put your best digital foot forward by maintaining a positive online image. If you haven’t
thought about it before, perhaps it’s time to take a hard (honest) look at how you’re managing your online reputation. Consider this: According to the 2011 Cone Online Influence Trend Tracker survey, 87 percent of consumers said positive online reviews reinforced their decision to purchase a recommended product or service. (This figure is up from 67 percent in

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Customer service is the end-all to any company's success or failure. The customer is what provides the income that a company needs to thrive and determines whether or not a company can continue to stay in business. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that a high level of customer service always be something to strive for. Without continued excellence in customer service, a company's success is over before it starts.



Get to Know Them

So many times we see a company provide what



Although thought of by most to be a relatively new concept, and a term that was first used and discussed in an article by American business management writer Tom Peters in 1997, personal branding is something that has existed in one form or another since the dawn of organized societies.

Even the alpha male of an ancient tribe who was expressing his dominance to make himself more attractive to the females of the group was participating in this time tested practice to a certain degree. Selling

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