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Dr. Dale Layman, Founder Robowatch, LLC

Continental Who’s Who recognizes The Honorable Dr. Dale Pierre Layman as a Pinnacle Lifetime Member in recognition of his contributions to the fields of Human Sciences and Physiology. Dr. Layman is a highly decorated academic, earning multiple high-level degrees from the University of Michigan Medical School, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Academie Europeenne D’Informatisation and World Information Distributed University, where he received the first Grand Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine degree to be awarded in the United States.

Today, Dr. Layman is Founder of Robowatch, LLC, an international advocacy group which examines the state of human rights as a result of the threat of artificial intelligence (A.I.). He

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In today’s rapidly moving marketplace, utilizing effective Internet marketing strategies is key in growing and sustaining your business. For the vast majority of companies currently in operation, such techniques are a fundamental factor of the business plan. Successful Internet marketing can increase consumer traffic to your website, improve company branding and boost sales. Any company looking to truly expand their global reach needs to establish and maintain a solid mixture of these


Online Adaptation

In the last decade, business has completely changed-evolving faster than ever recorded. Due to the introduction and gradual imposition of online commerce, bright young minds are now a necessity to survive in the corporate world. Without stating any absolutes, the business owners and decision makers that have passed their prime are having a massive amount of difficulty adjusting their business models. The technological storm that has reshaped business is sure to separate the up and coming from

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Considering that it seems as if everyone, regardless of age, is obsessed with their smartphones and tablets nowadays, it makes perfect sense that the healthcare industry would take part in that trend.

The widespread production and utilization of health related apps has been responsible for opening new and innovative ways to improve health as well as the delivery of healthcare, although the accuracy of these apps, along with their usefulness, is a highly debated topic in the industry. It is

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Caroline Rodenbeck and her expertise in the solar energy


Caroline Rodenbeck is recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Professional as a result of her expertise in the solar energy industry. Caroline is CEO of Carol’s Enterprises.

About Karol’s Enterprises

Karol’s Enterprises is a solar energy company which focuses on the use of solar energy. The company is committed to promoting solar energy applications, such as solar craft lights, solar accent lights, and solar panels and shingles, as each item is environ mentally

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