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In today’s rapidly moving marketplace, utilizing effective Internet marketing strategies is key in growing and sustaining your business. For the vast majority of companies currently in operation, such techniques are a fundamental factor of the business plan. Successful Internet marketing can increase consumer traffic to your website, improve company branding and boost sales. Any company looking to truly expand their global reach needs to establish and maintain a solid mixture of these methods.    

To build a successful online marketing strategy, a company needs to understand the basic components of online marketing. By having a strong grasp on the concepts of social media marketing, content marketing and search engin optimization, a company can get ahead in the highly competitive and confusing world of business in the 21st Century Easier said than done, it takes a considerable amount of time and effort to genuinely understand the proper way to take advantage of these powerful tools. One needs to fully comprehend the benefits and drawbacks in order to maximize their effectiveness. Social media marketing is the glue that holds search engine optimization and content marketing together. It seems like everybody and their grandfather uses social media these days and it is quickly developing into the main means by which content is shared. The number of shares that a page gets on a social media platform is also a determinant on how search engines rank that specific piece of content. In addition, when a person sees something that someone they know has shared, they are far more likely to trust it and seek to find out more.    

Contrary to popular belief, the number of followers a company’s page gets is not necessarily equivalent to the true reach the page has. Accumulating followers for the sake of expanding your numbers does nothing unless you are able to establish genuine engagement from those followers. It is essential that you interact with your fans and build an authentic community. Give them the opportunity to share concerns, ask questions and complain, and respond to these matters in a professional fashion. This provides them with a voice and gives you the opportunity to learn what needs to be improved from your most important asset, your customers. The process of search engine optimization is used to positively affect the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's unpaid results.

When done properly it can help to establish a website that search engines will rate among the most relevant pages for a particular search term. Being that the majority of searchers on the Internet are most likely to click on a link that is found on the first page of a search, SEO becomes imperative in developing your online strategy. When developing a successful SEO strategy it is important to include relevant keywords and provide valuable content associated with those keywords.

You should also ensure that you have a fast loading website filled with images and content containing backlinks from respected websites. A strategic marketing approach with a strong focus on the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent content, content marketing is intended to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience as well as to drive profitable customer action. Online content marketing includes things such as blogs, podcasts, training videos and video games. This brand of marketing is designed to develop your brand and provoke a sense of trust in your company. Although content marketing can be an incredible asset to the building of your brand, it can also have its drawbacks. If you create content of a poor quality it can have an adverse effect on your rankings and injure your brand. Spelling and grammar mistakes, and statements made without confirming facts, can lead to you being viewed as careless and foolish. First impressions are of the utmost importance and the last thing you want is for potential customers to visit your site and find a mess of incompetence.  

Once you have an adequate understanding of those three key components of a successful Internet marketing plan you can fully concentrate on developing other important aspects of your strategy. Some examples of other productive marketing methods are email marketing and sponsoring social media sweepstakes. Email marketing is a critical facet to a strong marketing framework. By effectively using email to develop relationships with potential customers and enhance those with existing customers, your company can reap the rewards of positive customer contact. In addition, the more you can personalize emails to customers, the better the interaction you produce.

One way that this can be accomplished is by offering exclusive deals on merchandise and/or services on the customer's birthday. When designing an email marketing strategy, it is essential that a company does not come across as impersonal or as a purveyor of spam mail. This can be done by developing one's own email list as opposed to buying an email list. It is also a good idea to make participation in your email list opt-in instead of opt-out. This gives the customer the feeling of control and does not make them feel forced to accept your emails. If done correctly, social media sweepstakes as well as other contests and giveaways can be effective marketing tools for your business. It is easy to choose a prize, but ensuring that you have not missed anything along the way takes some careful planning. It is vital that you assess your objectives and plan the logistics prior to launching your sweepstakes.


Once your sweepstakes is launched it is highly suggested that you follow up with contestants via email and whatever social media site was used in the contest to let them know that their entry was received. A well planned Internet marketing strategy can lead to sustained prosperity for your company. It is just as important to ensure that you conduct the proper amount of research and planning prior to utilizing these methods. As with everything in life, it takes the time and effort to do it right. When performed correctly there is virtually no end to the amount of success you can achieve by simply using the tools provided to you in the current global marketplace.