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Caroline Rodenbeck and her expertise in the solar energy


Caroline Rodenbeck is recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Professional as a result of her expertise in the solar energy industry. Caroline is CEO of Carol’s Enterprises.

About Karol’s Enterprises

Karol’s Enterprises is a solar energy company which focuses on the use of solar energy. The company is committed to promoting solar energy applications, such as solar craft lights, solar accent lights, and solar panels and shingles, as each item is environ mentally  friendly,  and  a  safe  and  resourceful method of producing renewable power.

The experts at Karol’s Enterprises work with people around the nation via Internet resources, and educate them on the  countless  ways  that  solar  energy  can

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Even Smarter Smart Phones?

Smartphones are about to become much smarter. Imagine a world where completing transactions, exchanging digital content, connecting electronic devices and accessing buildings and venues can all be done with a simple wave or tap of your smartphone. With near Field Communication (NFC) technology, this is exactly where we are headed. NFC technology is a standards based, short range (a few centimeters) wireless connectivity technology that enables simple and safe two way interactions between

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PROFILE: Skydoor, Pte Ltd.

Skydoor Pte Ltd was created in 2008 with the mission to offer the Imaging Technology to All. Skydoor’s mission is to become the “Wikipedia of imaging technology”: Skydoor – the Wikipedia of Imaging Technology Imagine. You want to create a gourmet meal. You need not only the right ingredients, but most importantly, you need to know how those ingredients come together to deliver the wonderful flavors and textures and aromas that your dinner guests will remember. You may want to experiment

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Communication Tools to Help Your SMB Optimize Efficency

Increased speed and efficiency is the goal for SMB’s investing in technology

EFFICIENCY MEANS TWO THINGS FOR A small business owner: getting things done and conserving resources. Ever-changing technology allows small business owners to improve their efficiency, organization and multi-tasking skills, which can lead to growth and success in the corporate world. “Small businesses are always looking for ways to maximize their resources and enhance productivity, and technology is one of the

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3-D Revolutionary

The Face Behind Facial Recognition, Roberto Mariani, Ph.D.

In today’s world, many of us find it difficult to fathom our lives without the current and on-going trends of technological systems. It is not only in our personal lives that we depend on technology: major corporations, military units, and International governments rely on the integrity of technology for purposes such as mapping, tracking, identification, and security, along with many other uses. In a constantly evolving world, new

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