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Tuesday, Mar 20th

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The Movement Is Blessed © Program Improve Your Circulation... Improve the Quality of Your Life

Even though we are gifted with many senses, our vision dominates   our decision making. The human eye views the visible external appearance and most of our opinions are based on what is   perceived by  usual clues. If it looks appealing, we buy it. If it looks   appetizing, we eat it. If it appears attractive, we fall in love.  Internal beauty is often neglected. 

The internal body functions are not clearly visible. We might feel an ache here or a cramp there. True beauty is inner peace of the mind and the proper functioning of our internal  metabolism. We can rub and scrub over the skin, apply perfumed lotions or  color coordinated make up of our choice. 

However internally, it’s black or white. It works or it doesn’t. You feel good or you’re having a bad day. You can enjoy the meal or you cannot.  Internally the body works non-stop. The heart beats and the blood flows in and out of every crack and corner on the inside. Blood flow must be efficient and effective to remove trash from our organs and bring in proper nutrition. 

Proper circulation is the key to inner health. If your lifestyle is touched by a dash of inactivity or your body is not as youthful or active as it once was, the “Movement is Blessed” ©Program is custom-made for you.  You move externally, your blood moves internally. The “Movement is Blessed”   ©Program teaches you specific movements to increase circulation. This program is custom-designed for those with health conditions, unable to go to the gym. If you do not or cannot exercise, try the MB Program to improve circulation. 

The bottom line is that if the blood doesn’t circulate efficiently, the heavy blood solids, the fats and cholesterol will start to settle down in the blood vessels. Why carry around  unwanted body trash as extra weight? Revive circulation to get rid of the ‘stuck internal body   rash.’ To learn more, please visit Gift the MB Program to yourself or to a loved one. Healthy circulation is the key to good health.