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Dr. Marium Murad

Dr. Murad is a dedicated professional known for her outstanding work in the field of medicine, natural therapies, and alternative healing strategies. 

It is at these times that it takes someone with the ability to think outside the box, in order to find an answer that can get everything back on track.   

This was the case with Dr. Marium Murad, an internationally experienced medical doctor with a number of health related certifications. Motivated by the urgency and severity of her mother’s condition, lying motionless in the Intensive Care Unit with a bleak prognosis, suffering from debilitating back problems as well as a serious heart condition, Dr. Murad drew upon her medical knowledge along with her willingness to delve into uncharted territory to solve her dilemma. The immobility of being confined to her bed was advantageous for her back, but unfortunately it could conceivably lead to dire consequences for her heart. It was imperative for her mother’s wellbeing that she found a way to improve her condition.

Stuck within this quandary, Dr. Murad applied her extensive healthcare education from the Fatima Jinnah Medical College For Women along with her vast collection of health and related international certifications of supplemental medical education, multi-cultural knowledge. She spent countless hours perfecting her technique on her own mother, constantly remaining at her bedside.   After formulating a process through her fastidious analysis, her mother did not encounter any chest discomfort, while on several months of bed rest. As a matter of fact, her mother experienced some relief from her extricating back pain, as a consequence of these exercises. She would fall asleep, when Dr. Murad did these small body movements, aimed to de-stressing her weak heart, by assisting general blood circulation. Following the successful recovery of her mother, one of Dr. Murad’s friends sought her assistance with a loved one.

Her friend’s mother, who recently had a pace-maker implanted, tried Dr. Murad's “Movement is Blessed”© Program, once again yielding remarkable results. This reaffirmed her faith that her work could be helpful to   many and prompted her to follow her dream of assisting the masses with living healthy and comfortable lives. After two decades of vigorous effort and development, Dr. Marium Murad, who was seeking to share these benefits with others worried about their parent’s health or senior parents themselves in need of assistance, emerged as the Founder and Developer of the “Movement is Blessed”© Program. This specific exercise sequence, enhances muscle tone, increases joint flexibility and strengthens the heart and stimulates poor circulation, is based on sound scientific principles integrating and interlinking the body’s multiple systems, improving general health through the utilization of series of small body movements or specific exercises.

Dr. Murad is a firm believer in the fact that although human beings are blessed with many senses, it is our vision that dominates our decision making. The majority of our opinions are contingent on what we view in the external world. The problem with this is that it often leads to us neglecting our internal beauty and the way that our bodies function internally is not something that is clearly visible. She views true beauty as an inner peace of mind and proper functionality of our internal metabolism. While we move externally, our blood flows internally, in order to remove the ‘dirty blood’ and bring in the ‘clean blood,’ we must improve our blood flow to achieve proper circulation in the massive network of varying sized blood vessels, ranging from very large to microscopic in size, distributed throughout the body.  “Movement is Blessed”© is the perfect program for use by the average person. This simple but extremely effective program eliminates the need for potentially expensive things such as exercise equipment, gym memberships and personal trainers.

Giving people an all-natural, complete, side-effect-free, total body workout from head to toe, “Movement is Blessed”© provides self-education, empowering you with knowledge, placing the power in the hands of the individual to perform these exercises anytime, anywhere, without anything, for self or another, benefiting everyone for all health conditions. Stimulating poor circulation, “Movement is Blessed”© Program utilizes specific small body motions to squeeze the body like a sponge, providing the body with an internal cleanse, adequately helping to detoxify the internal organs. Since the internal organs can only be cleansed through the active circulation of healthy blood, the program helps to facilitate internal healing and repair when combined with proper medicine, supplements and nutrition.

Being that one of the main reasons why certain medicines or supplements work for some people and not others is improper circulation, “Movement is Blessed”© is the perfect complement to cleansing the body. In some cases, the program can even help people to get off of their medications. Touted as “Mother Nature’s Mobility Plan,” the “Movement is Blessed”© Program is an encyclopedia of all body movements, established through scientific facts that work wonders for less active individuals, from sedentary lifestyles to those physically unwell. Just because you may be unable to remain physically active, you cannot allow your inner body to lie dormant. Arranged in a way to rejuvenate one’s internal health, promote healing and well-being, the program is a powerful tool for people of all ages at all stages of life. Carefully designed for maximum effectiveness, the “Movement is Blessed”© Program is the ultimate collection of specific small body movements.

The program starts by creating movement in the toes, which are placed farthest from the heart and are the most neglected part of the body. Considerably influenced by gravity, the microscopic blood vessels of the toes are first to become blocked by a multitude of common conditions. Then proceeds up to the top of the head. Retained joint and muscle flexibility with proper blood flow in the body leads to the smooth distribution of nutrient rich blood coupled with the continuous removal of waste products from every organ of the body. Beneficiaries of the “Movement is Blessed”© Program include individuals with any heart or peripheral blood vessel condition, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, obesity, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It is also incredibly useful for the visually impaired, handicapped individuals as well as those with back problems, joint sprains and fractures.

In addition, this method is helpful for individuals before and after surgery, during hospitalization and pregnancy, and at any other time when regular exercise is not possible. Simply stated, the “Movement is Blessed”© Program is something that can be a benefit to anyone looking to improve their or their parent’s health, without the need for rigorous exercise. Invigorating the body’s natural, internal drainage system, Dr. Murad’s process eliminates metabolic waste, toxins and debris from the body, including at the cellular level. She travels extensively to share her “Movement is Blessed”© Program, teaching, training and treating pre- and post-surgical patients, as well as those confined to bed or wheelchairs. Results are easily recognized and people who had felt that their quality of life was gone forever have forged ahead with better health and functionality, along with diminished pain and symptoms. Dr. Murad is a true pioneer, who is on a mission to provide a better quality of life to all through use of these innovative techniques of natural healing.

Looking to expand the reach of her multiple award-winning program for the purpose of improving the lives of as many people as possible throughout the world, Dr. Murad is currently raising exercise awareness amongst less active mature adults or the sit-all-day office personal and unwell seniors who are experiencing a temporary inactive recovery-from-illness or surgery; or those seniors who suffer from chronic health conditions. The Complete Body MB Program is available as self-education in an excellent book set with no exercise words and easy instructions, is now translating the program into other languages. In addition to the desire to share her program on a global level, Dr. Murad, who follows her parent’s charity work and is always looking for new ways to help others in need, aspires to establish an organization that is dedicated to providing education to handicapped children, so that they can one day become doctors. As a testament to her accomplishments in the healthcare industry, Dr. Murad was named as a 2013-2014 VIP Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women due to her outstanding leadership and commitment within her profession.

She was nominated as the Top Female Executive of the Year 2015 by the International Women’s Leadership Association and has graced front covers of professional magazines for the International Women’s Leadership Association, National Association of Distinguished Professionals, Industry Experts and the Continental Who’s Who Inner Circle Executive. Besides being a guest on radio shows hosted by the Executive Broadcasting Channel Radio and Beyond the Limits, she teaches seniors in senior educational centers and lectures in senior homes and teaches preventive health to non-gym mature office adults. In a world that is so fast-paced with such a large emphasis placed on groundbreaking technological advancements and colossal financial prosperity, we often overlook contributions which we perceive to be on a smaller scale. Sometimes these other contributions can be just as significant and even more beneficial to our everyday lives.


While not as ostentatious as other advancements made in recent years, the work of Dr. Marium Murad needs to be applauded for the positive impact it can have on one’s health as well as their quality of life. Her consistent display of passion, vision and dedication to improving the lives of others makes her a true pioneer in the field of healthcare.