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A dedicated attorney known for his outstanding work in the legal profession.

Mr. Thomas V. Girardi has been recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Leading Attorney for his knowledge, acumen and experience in 50 years of service to the legal profession. Mr. Girardi is the Co-Founder and Senior Managing Partner in the firm of Girardi and Keese.


In 1965, when the firm of Girardi and Keese was founded, the goal was to assist those individuals who were wronged, maliciously or not, by another party. As time went by, it became apparent that some people were not always wronged by an individual, but rather, by a larger entity such as a business or corporation. In these cases damages were inflicted with no regard to the safety and health of others, because these entities’ profits far outweighed their risk. Through

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Tom Buringuriza : Skills Development in Uganda

Skills development is a popular topic in Uganda because of a large pool of unemployed or underemployed youth that are in Uganda. This problem is increasing and so a number of aspects have been observed.

There has been a tremendous investment in the social sector (demand side) for over two decades without an equivalent or matching investment in the investment and job creating aspects (supply side) and so there is a pool of educated  but  not  trained Ugandan young people, who  are 

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Five Things SMB’s Can Do To Make Marketing Payoff

In shaky economies, companies that invest in their marketing often come out on top. But for small business, making these investments often feels risky.

Not only are time and resources tight, many small business owners feel they lack the knowledge to make the marketing choices that provide a return. In fact, figuring out “what works” is the top marketing concern for nearly 80 percent of small business owners, according to a recent survey by Deluxe Corporation.

“Most small business owners

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Driven by Passion

The Missing Link

Over the years I had a sense that something I literally wept with this mother and tried my best to comfort her, but initially I did not know what to do. After coming back home from that journey, I could not forget her extremely sad story. Then I began to realize that her story was not an isolated case, and millions of people are literally living in similar conditions today, because of war, famine, civil war, and natural disasters like floods, draught, earthquakes, etc. I

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