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Monica Del Re, MEd

The absence of true trust, integrity, honor and ethics in a large part of today’s marketplace is something that is rather alarming. Far too often people enter the career world with the intentions of gaining status and making as much money as possible without a strong focus on the legacy they leave behind.  There are far too many who place serving themselves above helping others, but there are also a few that focus on what they can do to enhance the lives of others, while also earning their way to the top of their profession. One person who truly embodies the values of trust, ethics, honor and integrity is Monica Del Re, who currently serves in the role of President of Financial Solutions for Senior America, LLC. Over the course of her distinguished career, she has consistently exhibited the passion, vision, dedication and diligence to be considered among the upper echelon of her field.

As a result of her outstanding body of work as well as the overwhelming amount of success she has achieved throughout her entire occupational history, Monica has been accepted and recognized as a Pinnacle Professional in the prestigious network of prominent professionals with Continental Who’s Who in the insurance and financial services industry. Starting her professional career in the law enforcement field in 1970, Monica spent almost fifteen years in the industry, serving as an Adult Probation Officer in Arizona and California. In that role, she was responsible for the supervision of convicted felons on probation and parole as well as the provision of pre-sentencing investigative reports to the courts for the purpose of disposition.

Despite the Bachelor’s degree she earned in Business and Public Administration along with her Master’s degree in Education from the University of Arizona as well as her wealth of experience in dealing with several serious criminal matters, Monica was unable to reach the heights she aspired to in the law enforcement field. Her goal was to eventually run a facility, utilizing her education and experience to act as a warden. Unfortunately, that never came to be, forcing her to reassess the direction of her career. After doing extensive research into a career that better suited her talents and abilities, she set her sights on the insurance industry.

Towards the middle of the 1980’s, Monica made her way into the field, and ended up spending the next 18 years working in various roles for State Farm Insurance in the state of California. During this time, she gained a full understanding of the industry, spending a good deal of time in the field as well as in a management role. In addition to her extensive experience working closely with clients on an individual basis, Monica worked as an executive, serving as a liaison between corporate operations and the field. This experience armed her with the background of how insurance companies work on all levels. In those almost two decades of practice, Monica was responsible for hiring, training and developing insurance agents for numerous major national insurance companies.

Her teams were ranked among the highest producing teams in the United States, in terms of production and quality of service. In 2002, Monica relocated to Arizona to be around her aging parents and help take care of her ailing father. While spending time with her father, who had been a well-known successful businessman in the community, she came to realize that because of his status and advanced age, many people were attempting to take advantage of him for their own personal gain.   That is when Monica decided to shift her focus from a regular insurance agency to work more in the realm of financial services. This was a major turning point in her career, during which time she decided to place a strong focus on working with seniors in order to ensure that they and their families were well taken care of. Noticing that a lot of these seniors had poor coverage, Monica was prompted to concentrate on assisting them in the preservation of their retirement income while continuing to work on taking care of their insurance needs. She spent the next few years as the Owner and Operator of American Family Insurance before establishing Financial Solutions for Senior America, LLC in 2005, for which she currently serves as its President. The ultimate goal of the company is to assist individuals in gaining a true understanding of the way things work and helping them with risk management.

They offer their clients a combination of a wide range of leading insurers, along with the knowledge and understanding necessary to achieve their goals. The first priority of the company is to attentively listen and understand the needs of their clients on an individual basis, catering to their unique needs. Over the years, Monica has been able to earn, establish and maintain a high level of trust with her clients and their families. She has worked with three, and sometimes even four, generations of families because of the honesty, respect and integrity with which she operates.

When the elders of a family pass on, that family continues to do business with Monica due to the trust she has earned and retained with them. Monica’s years of valuable experience, working on all levels of the industry, has allowed her to see that a lot of people who work in the field do not have a true understanding of how the business works, other than simply selling insurance packages. She, however, has been fortunate enough to have worked in the field, moved into corporate, and gone back into the field, giving her the ability to fully explain to her clients and the agents whom she mentors, the truth about how things work. Extremely passionate about her work, Monica firmly believes that when you arm people with the truth, as opposed to a straight sales pitch, you are not only giving them the tools to succeed, but allowing future generations of their families to prosper as well.

Although she has never had the opportunity to use her Master’s degree in education in a school setting, she has been able to utilize it in her business dealings. Her decades of experience in the field has, both unfortunately and fortunately, allowed Monica to witness the much less honorable dealings of others in her industry that paint an ugly picture of the business to the public.

This has inspired her to work even harder to earn the respect of her clients, and once she proves her worth, to continue to be readily available to them in serving their needs for years to come. Not only does she wish to educate people in the public realm about the benefits of sound insurance and financial advice, but she seeks to serve as an example of how to handle oneself professionally for those entering the insurance and financial services field. She sees the industry as far more than just a way to earn a living, but to also have a positive impact on the lives of others and future generations of their families. The personal evolution that Monica has experienced from her years working in law enforcement to the time she has spent in insurance and financial services, and the people who have helped her along the way, has given her the confidence and leadership abilities to provide others in her profession with the same qualities as well as empower her clients with the knowledge needed to get the most out of their investments. 

Throughout both of her careers, Monica has held positions of trust and has served as an excellent example of how to handle that responsibility. She successfully improved the lives of others during her years in law enforcement and since making her change to the wealth management arena in the 1980’s, Monica has always excelled in being responsible for several people’s retirement and livelihood, while ensuring their safety with their assets and insurance property. Further evidencing her remarkable reputation in her current field as well as her dedication to her work, Monica is a member of such prestigious professional societies as the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors and the National Ethics Association, Association of Professional Saleswomen, the International Women’s Leadership Association, Elite Women Worldwide and Women of Distinction. She has also been recognized with the honor of Court of the Table from the Million Dollar Round Table. When all is said and done, Monica hopes to leave a lasting legacy that highlights her personal values of trust, integrity, honor and ethics. Never wanting to take all of the credit for the success she has achieved, she is incredibly grateful to the numerous advisors that have helped her to become who she is today.


Monica is not just an advisor, but she has developed exceptional leadership skills from her mentors along the way and it is her goal to continue to pass those qualities down to the future generations of her field. Following over four decades of consistent success as a significant figure in each professional environment she has been a part of, which has included an enormous amount of meaningful achievements, it is quite evident that Monica has an indisputably considerable knowledge of what is necessary in order to be prosperous in a professional environment and as a human being. She has in both remarkable careers earned and enjoyed positions of trust within the Court system and her communities. Monica is a genuine leader who has also proven on a consistent basis that the needs of others are at the forefront of her work.