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Caroline Rodenbeck and her expertise in the solar energy


Caroline Rodenbeck is recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Professional as a result of her expertise in the solar energy industry. Caroline is CEO of Carol’s Enterprises.

About Karol’s Enterprises

Karol’s Enterprises is a solar energy company which focuses on the use of solar energy. The company is committed to promoting solar energy applications, such as solar craft lights, solar accent lights, and solar panels and shingles, as each item is environ mentally  friendly,  and  a  safe  and  resourceful method of producing renewable power.

The experts at Karol’s Enterprises work with people around the nation via Internet resources, and educate them on the  countless  ways  that  solar  energy  can  help  fulfill power needs.

The company collaborates with individuals  that  are  interested  in  learning  about  becoming electricity self-sustainable, and investing in  solar  energy  products  that  can  save  them money, and in turn, help save the environment.


CWW:  What is your profession?

Caroline: It is a Solar Energy- Retail, Commercial, Residential, Buy Off Website.

CWW: Tell us about how your journey started…

Caroline: Two years ago I was doing research. I worked for General Motors for 23 years and I needed to work because they reduced pensions. I loved the computer and I used my expertise to work with merchants to advertise. It all really came together when I was working and reading all of my books about Microsoft and I was then able to build my own websites.

CWW: When did you realize this is what you wanted to do?

Caroline: After retirement, I always wanted to put people to work. In Flint, Michigan I always loved helping the Earth and getting people work.

CWW: Did you ever think of venturing into a different career? If so, what?

Caroline: No. I wanted to help people get work and make a difference in the world.

CWW: What are some of your greatest accomplishments?

Caroline: I built some homes to use for collateral which helped me with the business.

CWW: Do you have a favorite author?

Caroline: I read all different information about solar power and windmills and how to help the world. We  need to start using these resources.

CWW: What advice would you give to someone who wants to go into your profession?

Caroline: Continue and go on…you need to train and familiarize yourself in the product. You better 

get going!

CWW: Can you share a witty story about yourself?

Caroline: I had to walk miles to school. When I was a kid, I would pretend to teach to five kids and I loved astronomy. My cousin Howard showed me a calendar with the moons and stars and I just started to write letters at the age of 13. The teacher wanted an essay written and I wrote about the moon. She asked me where I got the information about astronomy and I told her, “it’s on your calendar.” My dad often spoke about the moon and my mom played piano  but we had no bikes or anything we had to entertain ourselves.

CWW: If you could solve one problem in the world today, what would it be?

Caroline: There’s so many, but mostly end the war, stop fighting and get civil. Also, I’d like to make and sell air radar for ponds to kill the algae in the water as well  as solar lawn mowers, save gas, make a solar car and stop pollution.

CWW: If you could have lunch with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Caroline: Donald Trump. I like him because of his motivational speaking and his buildings…he builds 

Fabulous work.

CWW: Who are some of your mentors?

Caroline: My mom, she could do anything, even work on her car. Also, Donald Trump.


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