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Dr. Dale Layman, Founder Robowatch, LLC

Continental Who’s Who recognizes The Honorable Dr. Dale Pierre Layman as a Pinnacle Lifetime Member in recognition of his contributions to the fields of Human Sciences and Physiology. Dr. Layman is a highly decorated academic, earning multiple high-level degrees from the University of Michigan Medical School, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Academie Europeenne D’Informatisation and World Information Distributed University, where he received the first Grand Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine degree to be awarded in the United States.

Today, Dr. Layman is Founder of Robowatch, LLC, an international advocacy group which examines the state of human rights as a result of the threat of artificial intelligence (A.I.). He educates the public on artificial intelligence as well as robotics, and their potential effects upon human beings. “I am Come as Messenger! I am Come to YOU as Messenger!” Dr. Layman has repeatedly introduced himself to numerous new friends on “I am Come as Messenger to Save ALL Mankind – For Its Still-Human Body and Its Still-Natural Mind,” Dr. Layman continually reveals his Spiritual Mission to others. “We are in Grave Danger of being taken over by Artificial Intelligence! We must therefore walk in the shoes of the Good Shepherd and try to inform ALL Mankind!” Dr. Layman has worked on many public initiatives, including a campaign to help save a threatened wetland in the Joliet, Illinois, area; passed the Faculty Ranking Initiative for All Public Community College Instructors in the State of Illinois; and was a candidate for President of the Joliet Junior College Faculty Union. Most importantly, in 2003, a Grand Doctoral Committee associated with the United Nations, and headed by Grand PhD, Vorontsov, Under-Secretary General of the U.N., assigned Dr. Layman The Emerging Global Problem: Homo sapiens (Mankind as we now know it) evolving into Robo sapiens — a competing Cyborgean/Transhumanist species! His two thesis papers for this assignment were: (1.) “GHOSTS IN THE MIRROR: The Coming ‘Technological Extinction’ of Homo Sapiens. A Call to the European Union for Help”; and, (2.) “ARE WE REALLY ‘NATURAL-BORN CYBORGS?’: Mankind Must Reject The False Promise of Robo Sapiens! Little Time for Homo Sapiens, Still Remains!” Currently, Dr. Layman is also a member of the President’s Circle of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He belongs to SUAA, the STATE UNIVERSITY ANNUITANT’S ASSOCIATION (for Illinois), and is a Partner for Justice in Human Rights Watch. He has published 7 books — 3 textbooks and 4 trade books. The four trade books are in the Demystified Series, published by McGraw-Hill: BIOLOGY DEMYSTIFIED; ANATOMY DEMYSTIFIED; PHYSIOLOGY DEMYSTIFIED; and MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY DEMYSTIFIED. In addition, he has penned the Foreword to the book, CONCISE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ROBOTICS, which was written by Stan Gibilisco and published by McGraw-Hill in 2003. It was here that Dr. Layman coined the new compound word, Compu-Think. This literally means, Computer-like ways or modes of Human Thinking. Compu-Think essentially asks us to consider the following question: “Can we learn to think (or process information) somewhat like a computer does, but without always having to actually use a computer?” Dr. Layman sees Compu-Think as a possible “Plan B” or practical alternative, to re-introduce basic human thinking (Natural Intelligence or N.I.) back into products and activities that have largely been taken over by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Thus, Dr. Layman strongly feels that Compu-Think programs should be introduced into American schools (just as computer science has been widely adopted in our schools)! It can help prevent the morbid state of hypercomputerization — an “excessive and above normal” (hyper-) use of computers. Further, Compu-Think may help reduce our children’s Modern Tendency to become behaviorally addicted to computing and manifest undiagnosed signs and symptoms of psychosomatic technophilia.



(This is a strange new form of mental illness that “Poor Dad” [Dr. Layman’s Spiritual Self] has been the first to name and define. The Grand Doctoral Committee’s Strong Concern over the Emerging Risk of us becoming cyborgs (also called Transhumanists) — Man-Machine hybrids technically named Robo sapiens — has been powerfully reinforced by other strange happenings involving Dr. Layman, over the past years. For example, in April of 2004, GHOSTS IN THE MIRROR was published in the newsletter of the International Association of Business Leaders. On 17 May 2004, Dr. Layman was honored at a Special Ceremony in the President’s Board Room at Joliet Junior College. President J.D. Ross, former College Trustee Eleanor McGuan-Boza, and Dr. Michael Lee, Chairman of the Natural Sciences and P.E. Department, were in attendance. “We could not have done this without their support,” Dr. Layman publicly praised these distinguished leaders. College Trustee Dick Dystrup, who served as the Master of Ceremonies, summed up the proceedings, “I know how your students love your classrooms, how they enjoy learning in your classrooms, how you have tried to make science come alive and that is the secret, and those thoughts indeed describe you, Dr. Layman.” On the evening of Monday, 14 March 2005, Dr. Layman was interviewed via telephone by Alan Piper, a journalist writing an article on the dangers of technology for Maxim magazine. Dr. Layman minced no words! He starkly warned that the “Technological Extinction” of Mankind was imminent, and that, “Not much more time still remains!” This interview was published in the June, 2005, Edition of Maxim, and was entitled, “Unpopular Mechanics.” The article’s byline read: “Dr. Dale Layman runs ‘human rights’ website, And he could be the only thing standing between us and the reign of the Terminators.” Indeed, Dr. Layman was repeatedly taunted by members of the WTA (World Transhumanist Association) over this article, on their website. Dr. Layman was cited several times in a 2009 Wikipedia article titled, “Transhumanism.” His earlier published work (Robowatch 2002: Mankind at the Brink) was cited as a reference for, “The Terminator franchise’ doomsday depiction of the emergence of an AI that becomes a Superintelligence — Skynet, a malignant computer network which initiates a nuclear war in order to exterminate the human species, has been cited by some involved in this debate.” Several published 2009 debates in Wikipedia about Transhumanism have credited Dr. Layman as an “Anti-Transhumanist” who first coined the phrase, “Terminator argument.” “Remember the Titanic!” the Honorable Layman desperately warns us. Dr. Layman has been repeatedly urged to study this historical tragedy, by Professor Steve McCormick (at Joliet Junior College, Joliet, Illinois). Following up on his History Mentor’s sincere advice, Dr. Layman has learned much from his reading of articles such as, “Sinking of the RMS Titanic” (Wikipedia, 10/4/16). Below, he makes some intriguing comparisons between the sinking of this great ship in the past, and the almost-certain, future “sinking” of the Current “Ship of State” — a dangerous over-reliance upon computerized systems, robots, and other forms of A.I. — within both the United States and the rest of the developed world. (1.) A Foolish Attitude of “Unsinkable” Overconfidence in Current Technology. The Titanic was the largest passenger ship in the whole World, during her very first voyage, in 1912. She seemed both invincible and virtually unsinkable, in the technology of her time. Fast forward to today! We seem to have a prevailing societal attitude of pro-computational and pro-robotic, technological bias. For proof, try to name some thing that is NOT quickly being computerized and roboticized! This all-to-prevalent societal attitude may well reflect a widespread behavioral addiction or OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) that Dr. Layman has formally described as psychosomatic technophilia. This new medical term literally translates to mean, an “abnormal love or attraction” (-philia) for “technology” (techn) that replaces the “body” (somat) and “mind” (psych). (2.) An Emphasis Upon Greater and Greater Speed. Titanic kept up a high rate of speed, even though she was sailing through the North Atlantic Ocean, with icebergs floating in the water! Similarly, AI appears to be doubling its power about every 18 months — a phenomenon technically called Moore’s Law. Far worse than the high (but limited) speed of the Titanic, however, Moore’s Law appears to be UNSTOPPABLE! This means that the Forward Evolution of AI is virtually UNSTOPPABLE! THEREFORE, A.I. (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) WILL EVENTUALLY OVERWHELM AND DESTROY OUR OWN HUMAN N.I. (NATURAL INTELLIGENCE)! WE WILL BE COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED BY A.I., MUCH AS THE TITANIC, AND HER HUMAN CREW AND PASSENGERS, WERE COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED AND SUNK BY THE ICE-COLD SEA! (3.) A Dangerous Lack of “Plan B” or Rescue “Lifeboats”. One of the most maddening (as well as utterly OUTRAGEOUS) deficiencies in the Tragedy of the Titanic, was the great deficiency in available lifeboats! “Ttitanic had a total of 20 lifeboats...,” the Wikipedia article informs us. “On average, the lifeboats could take up to 68 people each, and collectively they could accommodate 1,178 — barely half the number of the people on board...!” Even worse, without adequate emergency training, the crew hastily launched many lifeboats that were only partially filled! As a tragic result of this foolish lack of preparedness, many hundreds of passengers and crew members needlessly died! They simply were not ready to be sliced into by an iceberg! According to his study of Singularity Theory, Dr. Layman has learned about another type of “iceberg.” But it is essentially a dreaded “A.I. Iceberg”! Dr. Layman has learned about the dreaded, 2045 ROBO-DEATH CLOCK! It is a largely unseen and unappreciated “AI iceberg” that (in theory) we are alltoo-quickly approaching! In accordance with Moore’s Law, scientists have calculated that AI will become stronger and stronger with time, so that at approximately the Transition Year, 2030, AI will roughly equal our own NI! (Therefore, Machine Learning will result in robots and computers whose intelligence matches our own!) Even worse, by about the Year 2045, Strong AI will become a dangerous threat, because it will be over 1,000 times as great as our own, still-human intelligence! Thus will mark the end of the Human Species — Homo sapiens — as we know it! Tick-tock! Tick-tock! So winds down the 2045 ROBO-DEATH CLOCK! “Is Humanity Ready for this event?” Dr. Layman worriedly asks us. “Do we have any sort of Plan B or alternative, to such totally out-of-control hypercomputerization and hyper-robotization? Might having some implemented “Compu-Think” alternatives be helpful to us? (4). An Unrealistic Denial About The Existence of Any Threat. The Titanic article revealed much denial — on the part of both the crew and the passengers — that any real threat to the great ship was possible. For instance, many passengers and crewmembers were quite reluctant to leave their quarters, or to put on their lifebelts and get into the lifeboats, until the water was really rushing into the ship! The ship Captain, himself, put the ship into danger by refusing to admit that Titanic could even be sunk by any iceberg! Later, many years after the ship had split into two pieces and sank, Titanic’s wreck discoverer commented that, denial of a major breach in the ship was reinforced as, “a byproduct in the mystique of the Titanic. No one could believe that the great ship was sunk by a little sliver.” Fast-forward to Today! Now, Dr.Layman has had great problems in trying to make people understand and appreciate the Grave Danger posed by the Uncontrolled Evolution of AI! Yes, there have been some problems, such as annoying cybersecurity and cyberthreats, but nothing even approaching the “Technological Extinction” of Mankind! What we have to realize is the timeline of this disaster! We are far too focused upon “short-term” thinking! We are still in the early-to-intermediate stages of AI Evolution! We are much like cancer patients in the early-tointermediate stages of the disease! If we start to act EARLY enough, then maybe we can SURVIVE! But if we wait too long — due to ignorance or denial, then the terminal “cancer” of the 2045 ROBO-DEATH CLOCK will be far too late to stop! Dr. Layman keeps breaking into episodes of Intermittent Spiritual Weeping as he frets, “My Heart, it is Breaking! And My Soul, it is Aching! For I have Foreseen The End of Mankind!” BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Layman has recently communicated with the leaders of the International Association of Who’s Who. He has learned that they have arranged to have the Big Digital Board on Times Square, New York City, bear some messages from Robowatch “I tried to get them to put, “Tick-Tock! So Winds Down The 2045 ROBO-DEATH CLOCK', on the Board,” one representative told me. “But they were too afraid that it would SCARE the New Yorkers!” OBVIOUS CONCLUSION: We are suffering from a Conspiracy of Silence! Too many people are either in ignorance or denial, about the Grave Future Consequences of Uncontrolled AI! If we do not heed the Tick-Tocking of the 2045 ROBO-DEATH CLOCK, then we may suffer a similar fate as did the DOOMED crew and passengers on the sinking Titanic, so many years ago! Is the current “Ship of State,” with its over-reliance upon digital technology, really any more secure from danger, than the old RMS TITANIC? Let us please remember this wise phrase: “Those who do not learn from the Mistakes of the Past, are doomed to REPEAT them! Please consult the Robowatch website, at Kindly also visit Dr. Layman and his extensive blogging on both Linkedinpulse, and on — Join our Anti-Robotic, Counter-Revolution! — BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE! BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Layman is attending the 2016 Annual Award Gala of the IAOTP (International Association of Top Professionals), December 9-10, Garden City Hotel, Garden City, NY. He is serving as a featured keynote speaker for this topic: “The Counter-Revolution of Artificial Intelligence: How it will affect us as professionals.” The IAOTP will also be presenting him with the Sapphire Diamond Crystal piece engraved for his Lifetime of Achievement and Success. Dr. Layman is being recognized for his creation of an “Anti-Robotic, Counter-Revolution” to Save Mankind!