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PROFILE: Skydoor, Pte Ltd.

Skydoor Pte Ltd was created in 2008 with the mission to offer the Imaging Technology to All. Skydoor’s mission is to become the “Wikipedia of imaging technology”: Skydoor – the Wikipedia of Imaging Technology Imagine. You want to create a gourmet meal. You need not only the right ingredients, but most importantly, you need to know how those ingredients come together to deliver the wonderful flavors and textures and aromas that your dinner guests will remember. You may want to experiment on combinations of ingredients to get just the right mix for the affect you want to deliver and so you need an excellent kitchen and cooking tools at your immediate disposal, ones that are organized and really do the trick and save you time and effort.


In the parallel universe of Imaging Technology and Knowledge, this is exactly what Skydoor is about to do: Empower all comers interested in fun or a career in Imaging, to have the ingredients, the Knowledge of how those ingredients come together and interact, and a “kitchen” in which to cook and experiment.


The Problem

With the explosive proliferation of devices equipped with cameras, and the exponential growth of social networks requiring multimedia applications, there is a dramatically growing demand not only for imaging applications (like Face, Logo and Image Recognition), but also for qualified imaging practitioners both on the content creation and modification side (i.e., Graphic Designers), and on the application development side (i.e., Programmers). Unfortunately accessing and using Imaging Knowledge is extremely frustrating as it is a mix of scientific and computer science knowledge; requires a lot of practice; and the currently available software are expensive and for experts only. Google and Wikipedia searches and reviews of Programmers Forums result in overwhelming frustrations. The current Imaging Knowledge is voluminous

but disorganized, and search and use is absolutely inefficient, time consuming, and frustrating. We discuss these serious problems as “The 3 Pains” of Imaging Knowledge (Search Pain; Learning Pain; Practice Pain). The result of The 3 Pains is a paucity of both Imaging Designers and Imaging Programmers, even as demand

for Imaging product and human resources is accelerating.

The Solution

Skydoor-Imaging for All will eliminate The 3 Pains, first by offering separate but Interactive Free Desktop and Web Based Environments where accessing, learning, sharing, experimenting with and using Imaging Knowledge can occur. The website platform houses both Skydoor’s Imaging Knowledge Encyclopedia (the Imaging Knowledge) and Skydoor’s copyrighted, 1,000+ Computer Vision and Computer Graphic Imaging Tool source codes (the Tool Technology). The Encyclopedia is organized in “chapters” for each of the Imaging Tools (such as “Zoom” and “Charcoal”). All such Tools are used to modify Imaging content and also as the building blocks of all Imaging Applications. The Skydoor Imaging Encyclopedia is semantically organized by Tool allowing exact and Pain Free Search. Every Skydoor Knowledge Search will be precise, eliminating search fatigue. Once a Tool is generally understood as to how and what it does to an image, the User can take the Tool from in the form of a Tool Plug In, download it to the User’s Desktop Platform (SkySplash™ or SkyMaker™) where the Skydoor Users can use the Tool to learn, practice and create cutting edge or beginner Imaging applications and content for fun, for school or university, and for the World.

Skydoor’s Encyclopedia database will have built in levels of expertise so that its targeted User populations can each comfortably use Skydoor and move to the next level as Imaging Knowledge is absorbed. Professional software programmers, teachers and professors, and other experts will offer tutorials, articles, software, source code for sharing and sale, and will thus be rated by Skydoor and its Users. The results will be available to all. As such, Skydoor will be the Premier Site for Imaging Knowledge search, development, use, storage, and publication.


Product Offerings

In order to establish this Pain Free Environment and to provide the needed platforms to use and publish Imaging related content and applications, Skydoor of fers 3 key products to the market: The first, SkySplash™, one of 2

Desktop Software Platforms, is virtually completed but for more testing, and the 2nd,, with its Imaging Tool source code and Tool Plug Ins, and its semantically organized Encyclopedia database, is well on the way to completion:


SkySplash – The first Desktop Software Platform product is called SkySplash™. SkySplash™ is like a “Cockpit” where Users can strap in to use Imaging Tools to change Imaging content in the SkySplash™ Editor; make movies in the SkySplash™ Movie Maker; and create 3d Videos in the SkySplash™ Video Projector “in seconds,”, will be distributed free through downloads and OEM bundle channels to millions of consumers. SkySplash™ has already had its commercial launch: Skydoor itself is using SkySplash™ to deliver 3D Videos to high-end and high-visibility event planners and sponsors. The 3D Videos are part of the Gallery that can be viewed at on invitation only basis. SkySplash™ becomes more powerful to each User through the purchase of additional Imaging Tool plug-ins and 3D content stored on


SkyMaker – The second Desktop Software Platform product is called SkyMaker. SkyMaker™ is also a “Cockpit” but targets the World’s imaging application developers. SkyMaker™ provides an interactive visual programming interface for the creation of Imaging Applications by sequencing Imaging Tools based on your seeing a Tool’s effect on content, not by typing in source code. When the application being built is finished to the User’s satisfaction, the User can request that Skydoor provide the User with the actual source code of the application, and Skydoor will generate the source code and e-mail it to the User right then for a micropayment. But even if not requested, Skydoor’s servers constantly collect every User’s Tool sequences, stores them by User for further statistical use and User profiling. Like SkySplash™, SkyMaker™ also becomes more powerful through each User’s purchasing more Imaging

Tool plug-ins from is Skydoor’s imaging website — a social network and giant online encyclopedia on Imaging Technology, source code and content, all available for free with certain advanced Tools and services available to Premier Members for a low annual membership fee. is the place where interest in Imaging and Economic & Collaborative Opportunities will intersect. Currently, Roberto is anticipating Skydoor’s is launch of its first product, SkySplash (TM) for creating, with a couple of clicks, your 3D video. SkySplash contains state-of-the-art 2D and 3D imaging technology tools and will be available soon for download. SkySplash™ has already been used commercially to feature the MDA digital advertising alliance event held in Singapore and the feature the 39 prestigious guest speakers of the venture capital conference TECHVENTURE 2010 that was held in Singapore in October 6-7, 2010. World-class guest speakers biographies were published in 3D using SkySplash™

Writer: Continental Who’s Who® Member Author: Roberto Mariani

technology and broadcasted online. SkySplash can be used for 3D powerpoints, promotions of books, music, real estate, products, etc, and in seconds. Skydoor is talking to large web and ads agencies for an internet B2B2C licensing. Make sure to stay tuned! For more information about Roberto’s newest endeavor, Skydoor Pte., visit ICE